just read on the new york times website about a new camouflage called OPTIFADE!!!!designed by gore (the people who make gore-tex), it's supposedly the best camo every because it's made according to the deer's vision! i tried to google an image of the pattern because it sounds quite cool, and this is the best thing i could find:

reminds me a little of this epice scarf that we had at metier for some reason.

(sold out in like 2 days! but they have it at una in portland)

prompted me to google search images of camo...which are actually quite nice, especially the digi-camo:

where exactly are you supposed to be when you wear #11??? camo is actually prett cool until you think about the fact that you're supposed to wear it to conceal yourself while you attempt to kill someone/something mercilessly...hmmmm.

last but not least, check this out:


read the snarky little article that started this mess here


Shin said...

Is "Camo 8" touching "Camo 7"s ass?

Shin said...

Is "Camo 8" touching "Camo 7"s ass?

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