oh cecilia

cecilia mendez is so freaking cool. she's got huge ears but who give a shit--she's latin (mendez? right? whatever, she's not white), she's hot, she's got a killer haircut and she's not as obnoxious as whatsherface-everywhere-so-sick-of-her agy deyn.

check it:

girls will be boys.


jc said...

"whatever, she's not white"???
i dont see the relevance of that comment, but she looks pretty white to me. "mendez" only means she is of spanish descent.

back to the subject, she's pretty cool, she looks great in ay not dead's campaign

ana said...

hi rebecca, cecilia mendez is an Argentinian girl, and yes... there she's famous because of being so freaking cool

Vivecka said...

Ah I like her so much more more than Deyn if you're going to compare them.

Anonymous said...

"She is not white"

That is the most ignorant comment I have ever seen. What makes her not white because her surname is Mendez? Sorry to tell you but she is White of Spanish descent. Mendez is a European surname. Latin is not a race or an ethnicity.

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