the last first day of school

in germany on the first day of school all the kids get a giant cone, or "tuete" full of candy and surprises. a little treat for big people. here's a few examples:

that last one is an anti-weed flyer that says "my first tuete." tuete is also the word for "bag" or slang for "joint" so it's like, my first coney thing aka my first joint aka little kids shouldnt smoke the devil's lettuce. little bits of knowledge for big kids.

tomorrow is my last first day of school. here are some things i'm looking forward to:

- finally returning my overdue library books
- checking out more books
- learning some new things
- making cool sculptures in my sculpture class
- reading interesting new books in german
- chocolate bowl in the alumni office
- studying contemporary chinese art history

and not looking forward to:

- paying fines for my overdue library books
- setting myself up for future overdue library book fines
- forgetting the new things i learn
- spending a lot of time in the studio making sculptures
- actually having to read the books in german
- entering data in the alumni office

that's all, i should go to bed but i always get nervous the day before school starts. what will i wear? will i make friends? do i care if i dont make friends? what if i trip or get my period through my pants or something? will there be cute boys? will my teachers be mean or nice?


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